After the post-election shock turned into a week of heaviness filled with impending apocalyptic dread, we needed to re-capture the spirit of openness, global unity, and freedom that we hold so dearly.  We looked back through our recent shoots and found one that represents our current rebellious mood – an anarchic, colorful Cuban carnival editorial shot in San Francisco’s mission district – where people of all races and backgrounds can express themselves, the neighbor’s laugh together against the brightly painted houses and local bands play loudly while people dance up a storm!

aaimg_0599Inspired by Chanel’s recent staging of its Resort 2017 show in Havana, we picked up on the musical Havana essence associated with pre-Revolutionary exuberance, and donned a vibrate color palette that translates to a wearable sense of joy.  Cuba’s rich artistic and cultural heritage has inspired designers like Lagerfeld, McCartney and Piccioli, and similarly we have fallen in love with the romantic sunbaked colors, decaying colonial buildings, and clandestine retro cars.  The island has now become a potent symbol – an isolated, stagnating nation slowly embracing change.  Cuba’s own traditional dress is an exclusive synthesis of diverse nations, influenced by several cultures including Latin and African roots, empowering a sense of vivacity built on a tradition of simplicity and authenticity.


aimg_0541aimg_0560What a perfect time to inject for Fall with the energy of island-infused Caribbean colors? Think coral, turquoise and bright yellow – and birds of paradise, palm fronds and Fifties car prints – all perfect for dancing the election blues away.  We focused on traditionally feminine, ’50s and ’60s-inspired silhouettes in the form of ankle-length skirts, paired with a fitted top on Francesca or a structured jacket on Valentina. We love this paring because it creates a fit-and-flare bombshell shape. Tropical motifs featured heavily, like the wildly colorful patterned vegetation on Francesca’s skirt and the bold embroidered prints on Valentina’s jacket.  Combined with simple, strong colors to balance out the patterned statement pieces, these outfit are perfect for an elevated day to night look.  We hope the Cuban spirit moves you to connect with the visual therapy of color and utilize what you wear to spread joy and positivity.

Kick up yours heels and cha cha cha!

Similar billowing skirts on Francesca: Stella Jean Graphic-print skirtMarni wool midi skirt, and Delpozo High-Waisted culottes 

Similar maxi skirts on Valentina – Peter Pilot Butterfly hemmed skirt and Diane Von Furstenberg  Melita Skirt