Whether you are single, taken or in the first throws of passion, love is in the air!

We decided to shoot two romantic looks featuring our favorite combination – red and pink.  As we shot each look by our favorite new wall, we excavated the issues that Valentine’s Day often brings up:  what characterizes an amazing relationship and how do we (realistically) maintain that connection and effort?



It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and see those closest to us as so familiar that we stop putting in the extra effort to truly hear and feel them on a deeply connected and respectful level.  As two people that have experienced the ups and downs of dating, of being in family fights, and of battling the intricacies of friendships, we have observed that there is an art to building term relationships.


But how many of us have learned how to build loving relationships?
And where did we learn?
At home?
At school?
Here is our advice from the school of life experience:


1. Appreciation

Frequently we forget to let other people in our lives know that we appreciate them. We think it, but we don’t remember to show it. This occurs in our romantic relationships as well. Healthy couples vocalize their love for one another, saying “I love you” often and offering compliments. Show your special someone that you love him or her. This could be done with words, cards, flowers, acts of kindness, or more.

2. The Glass Half-Full

Sometimes, we get caught up in the negative. We hate our jobs, are annoyed with our friends, and our boyfriend or girlfriend is getting on our last nerve.  So instead of focusing on the bad, let’s make a conscious effort to look at the good.  It’s vital that we look at our partner’s positive qualities. Nobody is perfect, and that includes our significant other.  Practice observing yourself and your partner without judging.  Judging closes a door. The opposite of judging is compassion. When you are compassionate, you are open, connected, and more available to dialoguing respectfully with your partner. As you increasingly learn to see your partner compassionately, you will have more power to choose your response rather than just reacting.

3. Enjoy Dynamic Differences

Different is sexy and intriguing!  The differences between you and your loved one are not negatives. You don’t relationships with people who share all of your interests and views. We may sometimes fear that these differences are incompatibilities, but in fact, they’re often what keeps a relationship full of spark.  Plus you and your partner can learn from each other’s different strengths and become stronger together.

4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Maintaining a joyful relationship means respecting your partner’s time, heart, character, and trust. However, there are many things people do in relationships that can break down respect, like name-calling, talking negatively about the other to friends or family, and/or threatening to leave the relationship.

5. Quality Time, not Quantity Time.

No matter who you are or what your work is, you need to nurture your relationship. Make sure you schedule time for the well-being of your relationship. That includes making “play dates” and also taking downtime together. Frequently create a sacred space together by shutting off all things technological and digital. Like a garden, the more you tend to your relationship, the more it will grow.  It’s crucial to make sure you two are still engaging and spending quality time together to maintain a deep connection.



How are you going to start putting in the extra TLC into your relationships?  You can start by spicing up your Valentine’s Day look – whether its a for a night out with the girls, for yourself, or for your lover.


Francesca has a little more then lace up her sleeve in this statement number by Express!  A wildly sexy red mini dress that will make heads turn.  This dress transforms the stereotype of ‘lace’ as old school grandma into a red hot item for every bombshell. Paired with luxurious pink velvet Simmi Shoes boots, this look is an edgy take on symbols of decadence, femininity and romance.



Valentina embodied a playful, softer romantic look with her flirty maxi skirt and adventurous sneakers.  This look is perfect for bringing something sensual and sophisticated to an outdoorsy date like a picnic or walk into the sunset.