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Dress to disguise and play!

Our first post of 2017 celebrates the roots of Valentina & Francesca – here we allow fashion to bring out playful sides of our personality and reveal hidden depths.  The performative quality of clothes, make-up and accessories are so strong that they create the space to become someone else, even just for a little while. Masquerades have been, for centuries, grand affairs designed to play with our inner and outer deceptions, and costumes have been central catalysts of transformation.  In a number of examples, a mask may allow the wearer to transcend her ordinary physical nature and take on the identity of another creature, ancestor, or supernatural force…and who wouldn’t be interested in a bit more magical power?


How did we dress for our Eyes Wide Shut drama?  With a sparkly cocktail dress from H&M suited for the big screen.  Since the 20s, cinema has used silver or silvered materials for the dresses and outfits of its stars.  Our chosen silver dress reflects the light and gives the person wearing it a sense of grandeur and fun even on short winter days.  We both fell in love with this silver number, and styled it for this editorial in two completely different ways – both inspired by Hollywood glamour.


Valentina went for a roaring 20s’ Midnight in Paris meets Scott Fitzgerald at the Jazz bar look.  She added a dramatic, black cape-like over shirt with her graphic black velvet mask adding a touch of feathers and sequins.  Masquerade around in a similar look to become a part of your own Great Gatsby party!



Francesca was inspired by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman meets the Beverly Hills Hotel Tihany Design pink, white and green LA palette. She paired her mini dress with Go-Go esq Naya Clear Nude thigh-high boots from Simmi Shoes for a sexy, badass look.

We challenge you to raise the temperature and Masquerade on! Be devilishly daring and bring out your inner seductress!




Author: Valentina & Francesca

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