Fare Una Bella Figure


aimg_0698We are at the end of Milan Fashion Week, where we have been oogling the whirlwind of confident poses, bright prints, and the sound of clicking stilettos masterfully navigating the cobbled streets.  With their legendary seductive prowess and immaculate sense of femininity and strength, Italian women seem to be guided by one simple principle: fare una bella figure – make a beautiful impression.  We adore the inner strength of our favorite modern Italian beauties, who possess an strong sense of self and love of life that make their outer beauty come alive.


What are the ways of harnessing the modern Italian woman’s strength and allure? Her strength is a combination of athleticism, poise, energy, a sense of sisterhood as well as harnessing the power of glamour and knockout dressing. She is a sophisticated woman who is elegant, not afraid of her own sensuality, and not afraid to dare or take risks in life. Modern and inventive, but also real – her mantra as the seasons change hones in on channeling authentic power.

We chose to shoot this story against the athletic drama of a baseball field – juxtaposing this gladiator esq setting with modern, authoritative silhouettes that fall with deliberately with seductive intent, reveling a hints on skin within layers of fabric. Inspired by all the feminine strength and grace of our inner bella donnas, we played with power poses, hints of skin and fire.

aimg_0675aimg_0406-copyaimg_0592Valentina embraced a combination of trenchcoat and bathrobe, a strong look sculpting the body in contoured, undulating waves.  She took inspiration from the glamorous Italian mothers like Bianca Balti, who would surely do their grocery shopping in emerald flowing silk and a strong red lip.  Silk robe coats are the perfect transitional piece for this time of year. Pair an embellished one with jeans and a simple tee or bodysuit to give you that closing splash of seductive elegance!


aaimg_0616Francesca’s flowing cape-like dress was a celebration of movement,  allowing her to more natural confidence that also welcomes her inner softness as strength.    With flattering lines and a nod to the glamorous ’60s, it infuses instant elegance into your wardrobe.  Cape-tivate your enemies and friends alike with the modern take on sensuality.

On Valentina – similar silk Trench Coat by Theory available on Farfetch.com

On Francesca – similar black silk cape dress by Alexander McQueen available on Net-a-Porter


Author: Valentina & Francesca

Valentina & Francesca is for the millennial individual who sets the direction to her life with optimism and an unwaveringly open mind. A high-impact, laser-focused digital platform generating unique content inspiring connected women to discover their personal style. Valentina & Francesca enhances your brand’s story with bold contemporary narratives celebrating confidence and power in a smart, irreverent way within a highly engaged community.

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