Independent, but not afraid to show her feminine side…here we are, embodying the spirit of iconic, modern sex appeal in clean lines and a powerful, courtside form.




Not at all!

Our challenge – can minimalism ever be sexy?

While that’s a pretty subjective question – everything is something to someone – on the whole we usually find minimalism quite bland.  Minimalism’s usual intellectual commitment to distillation of form and austerity of delivery is just too cold to be hot.  But as usual, we broke our own rules and short-circuited our prejudices with an interplay between inhibition, abandon and ecstasy on the tennis courts.

Taking an active approach, created two looks full of sleek, sportswear-inspired elements with tons of challenging, mischievous attitude. A play of contrasts is always welcome chez Valentina & Francesca, so we worked our favorite feminine/masculine motif into each look through a focus on clean lines – bringing sexy back (literally a la Francesca), and keeping a hard-core, female-empowerment mood in our every step. Slinky sexy, yes, but also fiercely don’t-give-a-damn physical.


Definitely our comeback moment for power of dressing in black! We tend to shy away from too much black, but we challenged ourselves to plumb the highest depths of black – underscoring the color’s sleek and sophisticated nature.  We felt formidable and empowered, lunging around the tennis court cloaked in sleek black fabric, and even though we had quite a crowd gathered to watch the shoot, our outfits reduced any vulnerability, thus enabling us to embrace our inner femme fatales. Serving as a protective shield, this minimalist approach to a daytime or evening look can embolden your Fall and make anyone smolder for you!


aimg_0143Francesca‘s Grand Slam Look:  Similar dress by Stella McCartney  and similar heels by Jimmy Choo

Valentina‘s Yin and Yang look: Wolford Black Leggings, Steve J and Yoni P Tee Shirt, similar heels Misty Velvet Leather Boots by Sophia Webster

Author: Valentina & Francesca

Valentina & Francesca is for the millennial individual who sets the direction to her life with optimism and an unwaveringly open mind. A high-impact, laser-focused digital platform generating unique content inspiring connected women to discover their personal style. Valentina & Francesca enhances your brand’s story with bold contemporary narratives celebrating confidence and power in a smart, irreverent way within a highly engaged community.

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