Have you ever been irresistibly drawn to one color? There is nothing like a spirited red that continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge during the change of seasons and move forward. Whether expressing danger, celebration, love or passion, red will not be ignored! The color of life, the color of romance and the color of excitement, red elicits the strongest of emotions in every culture. Dynamic and playful, red breeds unmistakable confidence. As we move away from the airy, relaxing, cotton candy days of summer we instinctually shift toward wearing colors that exude real substance, a strong foundation and an awareness of the melding of diverse cultural influences. Transcending the typical fall colors, we wanted to start September off with a bang and play with a more unexpectedly vivacious palette. Red catches the eye in an embrace of empowerment, reflects the spirit of adventure and level of confidence we encourage you to bring to work, relationships, and self this Fall.



Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, we slipped on an adrenaline rush of red in the form of short dresses and headed to an action-packed shoot set against jagged rocks and a lonesome road in the middle of nowhere. Earlier that day we had been slightly off kilter and not feeling on top of our creative game, but as the shooting started we realized that the captivating, stimulating adrenaline rush of red warded off the creative direction blues! You might be considering sticking to the safer earthy tones this Fall, but we encourage you to step out of your shell and let the the bold spirit of rouge infuse you, lift you and carry you as the days get darker. Let this high-visibility, magnetic hue emanate heat and energy for your eyes and spirit!



On Valentina:  Cape dress by Alexander McQueen and 1460 Greasy Doc Martin Boots

On Francesca:  Similar dress Optical 2 Pleated Swirl Dress by Issey Miyake and similar Leather Gladiator Sandals by Balenciaga 

Author: Valentina & Francesca

Valentina & Francesca is for the millennial individual who sets the direction to her life with optimism and an unwaveringly open mind. A high-impact, laser-focused digital platform generating unique content inspiring connected women to discover their personal style. Valentina & Francesca enhances your brand’s story with bold contemporary narratives celebrating confidence and power in a smart, irreverent way within a highly engaged community.

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