Plant Intelligence

Like wildflowers, some girls are not meant to be tamed.  Teeming, rambling, and oh-so-slightly overgrown, an untamed girl just like an untamed garden can easily find a way into one’s heart and inspire a sparks of creativity.  We headed to our favorite nontraditionally landscaped oasis in Palo Alto, The Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford, and created a story inspired by its colorful cacophony and power to bring whatever we have going on inside to the surface.  Whenever we enter this magnificent enclave, it feels like a magical movie scene where the audience is allowed the knowledge of a great secret through the confection of spaces, paths, vistas, and bowers.
Lush, graphically bold, and embodying a revolutionizing spirit, these grounds inspire us to step away from the ticking stresses of modern life, the confines of our tiny air conditioned office and the looming pressures of fashion month. Larger than life cacti, blooming flowers, and embellished wild plants  – these ancient symbols of nature manifested in vibrant, exotic day to night looks, creating a story of depth and mystery waiting to be told. We love embracing imperfections and juxtapositions – adding opposing elements like a tough leather jacket over an exotic embroidered dress – creating concepts that mirror nature and the flow of life itself.  Venturing into exotic motifs and becoming a part of the garden itself, our outfits are lavishly eclectic, with Persian, Indian, and Italian allusions.



Our takeaway is that disconnecting from nature can jeopardize your happiness, weaken your immune system, and undermine your powers of focus and creativity. As pro-nature California girls we been motivated to make some lifestyle changes to incorporate the great outdoors into daily life. We now push ourselves at least a couple times a week to swap out barre or boxing classes for hikes in the woods, refreshing trail runs, or Palo Alto neighborhood jogs (follow our Instagram Stories to join us).   And sometimes we just like to be playful, adventurous, and irreverent as we kick off our shoes and dig our feet into the soil of the exotic Cactus Garden. There is nothing like living in the moment taking a walk in this elaborate garden, where the changing light will keep you constantly entertained.   Pure bliss!




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Author: Valentina & Francesca

Valentina & Francesca is for the millennial individual who sets the direction to her life with optimism and an unwaveringly open mind. A high-impact, laser-focused digital platform generating unique content inspiring connected women to discover their personal style. Valentina & Francesca enhances your brand’s story with bold contemporary narratives celebrating confidence and power in a smart, irreverent way within a highly engaged community.

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