Goddess of the Wild

Creative sparks come from the most unexpected places – with the imagination remixing stories of the past. If you haven’t noticed, we are obsessed with mythology and what it represents about our psychology and humanity.  Mythological archetypes are filled with particular symbolic meanings related to human character and emotion – which clearly inspire our creative narratives for V&F.  Whether we create our own myths or enjoy others, new or ancient, the important threads of our constructed selves – of our life meanings – are mythic.  Mythology helps us interpret the nature of culture, society, and what it means to be an individual. Goddess mythology particularly fascinates us, because it provides an ancient mirror on womanhood. Our psyche needs these images to nurture its growth.  Today we invite you to join us at sunset’s golden hour along the stormy wild cliffs of San Francisco – come embody the Roman Goddess Diana and explore how this complex, uncompromising, self-determined huntress can help us better understand our contemporary realities.


Diana is the goddess who comes out of the forest and the wilderness; a complex and intriguing persona reflected in her quiet power as well as her generous empathy – protecting women in childbirth and children – ensuring the preservation of mankind.  Diana’s role as nurturer and protectress began early in life. She helped her mother Leto as soon as she was born by delivering her own twin brother Apollo. Diana’s selflessness and strength were harnessed in her youth as she was compelled to become caretaker for her Mother.

This independent yet compassionate goddess was readily available for others, but also vulnerable, and we created outfits to reflect her inner duality.  We created mood boards inspired by Valentino’s design duo Maria Grazia Chiuri (we are sad to see her exit for Dior) and Pierpaolo Piccioli – who together made their creations a paradox of age-old hand-wrought elaboration – yet with youthful simplicity. Since couture has not (yet!) made an appearence in our wardrobes, we sourced pieces from our travels to India and Egypt to bring Diana to life.  We find that sourcing fabric from non-western countries is the perfect way to uplift your sense of style with mythological elements without having to actually invest in couture – still creating a unique look that your friends cannot copy!


Valentina on her connection to being a child of nature…

I loved expressing the side of myself most comfortable in the elements – bonding and communicating with the forces of Nature. Channeling Diana’s deep-rooted feminine strength felt natural, and empowering. I chose this look for the way it moved, and for the way it allowed me to move – capturing the wind and letting me become one with it. Stepping out of my daily routine and re-establishing my connection with nature is a joyous necessity.

Skirt – Chan Luu    |   Floral Blouse – D&G

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Francesca as her elegant, yet wild Diana:

I channeled the turbulent internal side of Diana because I enjoy that deep inner spirit and strongly connect with that untamed side of my own nature.  I fell in love with this long royal blue galabeya dress highlighted with golden embrodiery from my Mother’s fabulous wardrobe.  She recalled that she was on vacation, but stuck in the middle of the Nile during a sandstorm, the airlines having lost her luggage, she and my Grandmother were advised to buy clothes at the Aswan market.  There, they saw many beautiful galabeyas – long, beautiful dresses made to protect you from the harshness of desert elements.  My Mother was so admired by the vendor that he offered my Grandmother 10 camels for her!  Luckily my she came home with several gorgeous galabeyas and single (my Grandma not accepting any camels).  Like Diana, I love that the story of this dress reflects the daring and adventure in my lineage, and admire such beauty serving functionally as protective gear.



“I am Diana, a goddess and therefore, ought to be wonderful, pure, marvelous, as only I alone can make myself.” – Diana Vreeland


Fashion Bloggers, Best Fashion Blog, Art Meets Fashion, Dolce and Gabbana Blouse, Dress Like A Goddess, Diana the Huntress, Chan Luu Skirt, Editorial Photoshoot San Francisco, California Landscape, Fashion Photography, Top Fashion Platforms


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