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For Sonya Molodetskaya, individuality through fashion is a must, not a maybe.  Bright eyed and brimming with energy, Sonya is San Francisco’s fashion star that can light up the darkest of rooms with her creativity and magnetic positivity.  Far from conforming to society’s idea of what to wear or how to be, Sonya exudes a new kind of empowered sexiness, one that is incredibly female and innovative.  She is Haute Living’s Style Editor, and we love her witty sense of writing and even eye for fashion.  Follow Sonya’s fabulous adventures @Sonyaandthecity on Instagram!


“I live by the rule: one who dares, wins.”


You are the ultimate glamorous maximalist and fashion chameleon of San Fransisco.  Tell us about your style philosophy!

Fashion is my addiction, something I absolutely can’t live without. I understand my style is extravagant but I live by the rule: one who dares, wins. I love to stand out. Style is something you can have a lot of fun with, I don’t spend a long time creating the outfits, I just have it in me! Sometimes I put together the most unmatchable combinations, and somehow it works. I have to admit, my day depends a lot on how I look…a poorly picked outfit can easily ruin my day. I love feathers and sequins, I love things that are different, so minimalism is not my thing.

You have such versatility when it comes to style and are a total fashion maverick.  Tell us about these two dynamic looks and how you styled them for this editorial. 

I love lace, and the power of the color red!  I had this sexy lacey, racey, red dress custom made for me by local designer Vasily Vein and paired it with Gucci’s runway Dionysus bag and sandals for the first look.  The Gucci Dionysus accessories added an aggressive touch to the ultra feminine red lace, and made me feel like a strong Goddess. The second outfit is a great example of matching the unmatchable. I paired a super fun fringe dress by Christopher Kane with Alice and Olivia bomber jacket, No. 21 sandals. And of course I had to add a pop of bright blue in the form of Dior! After the photoshoot I wore this outfit to dinner at House of Prime Rib and had tons of fun watching people’s reactions. Why not have a prime rib on Sunday wearing fringe and sequins?!



At what point in your life did you really get obsession with fashion?

High School in Russia. We did not have much, and we wore very unattractive uniforms. It forced me to become creative. My real obsession started probably 6-7 years ago, with the media like Instagram and fashion blogs where you can immediately spot visual creativity and trends.

Do you think fashion is art?  Why or why not?

Art, as we know it, is expression of the creativity, so fashion is a form of art, definitely.



Tell us about that approach to fashion.  Do you love having something new to wear and constantly changing your look?  

I am the type of person who moves ahead all the time. I don’t keep clothes, I don’t even keep classic pieces, I know I will never wear something what’s out of style, and I am not a collector. I also don’t like to create something new out of old items. You won’t find anything that is older than one year in my closet, including the shoes. I move on quickly, in fashion and in life!

Do you have any fashion advice to women in Silicon Valley who might want to take a more daring approach to how they dress?

They should come to San Francisco and hang out with me sometimes so they can see nothing is wrong with having fun with fashion!

Who are your favorite designers and why?

Lately I am obsessing over Gucci, mostly the shoes and handbags. Dior is always a favorite close to my heart – classic yet modern and always elegant!

What are a couple of your favorite pieces that you can’t live without?

My Hermes collection!


Just have to ask…what does luxury mean to you?

To me luxury is still a dream. I don’t own too many luxury pieces except for my Birkin and Kelly bags, but I love that they allow me to always dream…

We love Russian women – so fashionable and feminine!  How has your heritage influenced you?

Russian women definitely are some of the best dressed women in the world. Look how many street style icons are Russian. Russian women are naturally creative and have good taste..it’s in our DNA.  My biggest fashion inspiration is my mother who managed to get some designer pieces in Soviet times when nothing was available to buy from the actual stores.


What inspires you?  

Life around me. Everything. I can spend hours watching people.

Do you have any naughty indulgences?

Street hot dogs! I can eat them every day!

Your home is a stunning mix of your expressive taste and you are an avid art collector.  Tell us about your interior design philosophies and how you buy art.

I think my place is decorated in a very similar way I dress…Eclectic mixes of things I like that somehow look great next to each other!

One day I walked into Yellow Korner Gallery in Paris and that was the start of my art obsession. The gallery has an amazing mix of photographs. I love Fornasetti, so I buy a lot of Fornasetti pieces.


What’s something that most people would be surprised to hear about you?

I think we are back to hot dogs lol! I also hate the gym and never exercise.

What is the secret to a long term relationship?  

Respect. When you truly respect the person you are with and you are proud of him/ her – everything else is not that important.

High heels or handbags?


San Francisco or Paris?

PARIS! My favorite place is Paris. Always has been and always will be!


Tesla or Ferrari?


Instagram or Snapchat?


If you have to pick one word to describe yourself what would it be?


If you could have lunch with anyone in fashion, who would you choose and why?

Two people: Anna Dello Russo and Iris Apfel, at the same time!


Author: Valentina & Francesca

Valentina & Francesca is for the millennial individual who sets the direction to her life with optimism and an unwaveringly open mind. A high-impact, laser-focused digital platform generating unique content inspiring connected women to discover their personal style. Valentina & Francesca enhances your brand’s story with bold contemporary narratives celebrating confidence and power in a smart, irreverent way within a highly engaged community.

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