Valar Morghulis: Women Ruling the Iron Throne

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The ocean brings us back to our essential nature, and what a perfect place to celebrate Earth Day and the return of Game of Thrones!  From this sacred place of intimacy with mother earth an expansion constellation of elements woven together form a heightened vision, perfect for capturing the strong female rulers of the Seven Kingdoms. From Spain’s Alhamila Mountains to Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park, the earth is the most important character that makes the world of Game of Thrones so rich.  What better place to merge nature and female power as we transform into Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys Targaryen?

If you’re a woman of Westeros, we anticipate the sixth season of HBO’s most-watched show in history will be full of dynamic females on the ascent to power.  Throughout the story, formerly downtrodden female characters are fighting with sheer will and cunning to survive and mobilize upward.


Francesca became her vision of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen… without actually dying her hair platinum blonde (whew). Daenerys has grown up before the audience’s eyes, from a quiet, sheltered girl to a powerful, sometimes terrifying ruler.  Did we forget to mention she is the mother of dragons?!  As she grows more powerful, the show’s costume designer Michele Clapton and embroiderer Michele Carragher have created intricate dragonscale-inspired embellishments and played with more experimental shapes – to tell the visual story of this compelling character. Daenerys’s costumes change with the development of the character, from an exiled princess, to a Dothraki Khaleesi and now more and more toward regal Queen.  Francesca took a new approach to Daenerys, favoring a powerful flowing coral maxi dress and pairing it with a fire-red beaded necklace.


Valentina embraced Margaery Tyrell – a noblewoman who deploys her femininity as a means of empowerment.  She is younger, more beautiful, and more feminized than Cersei. Gentle, demure, complimentary of even the most sociopathic royals—her seduction of Joffrey by feigning a shared interest in crossbows is one of the best performances of Machiavellianism we have ever seen!  Rather than being exploited or subjected to abuse because of her sex, as Cersei has been, Margaery has turned her gender into both an armor and a weapon.


“I’m pretty pleased with Margaery’s dress . . . it took weeks . . . months even, with all the roses and embroidery, and the bias cut was hard to achieve with the cutaway elements that are essential for her style . . . I wanted it to be pretty, but on closer inspection, strong and to tell the story of her ambition.”

– Michele Clapton

Tell us below who is your favorite Game of Thrones character and why?  How will you be celebrating on Sunday night?


Mother of Dragons Style




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