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MPK 20, Cafeteria Wall Art

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Maya Hayuk, Facebook MPK 20, Facebook Mural, Mural, Wall Art

Frank Gehry Building, Facebook Menlo Park

Rooftop Garden, MPK 20, Facebook HQ, Art at Facebook

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Jay Nelson’s rooftop installation – part of Facebook’s Artist in Residence Program.

Green Roof MPK 20, Facebook HQ, Menlo Park

MPK 20, Facebook's Frank Gehry Building, Native Rooftop Garden, Facebook HQ, Style Blog

Majestic spaces and places are often transformative to the way we think about style and fashion.  We were lucky to enough to have an exclusive sunset tour of the new Frank Gehry building at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, known as MPK 20.  This architectural synthesis covers 433,000 square feet and is a total sensory experience of inspiration – from bursts of color throughout the wall art to the 9 acres of lush greenery on the rooftop native garden. The oasis of nature on the green rooftop also serves as flexible work space. A half-mile loop paved with decomposed granite is used for walking meetings (supposedly Mark Zuckerberg finds it helpful to move hid body and walk while he thinks or talks on the phone). Secondary trails break off from the main walkway and lead to cozy seating areas and hidden alcoves, some perching along the perimeter to take in the views, others enclosed by layers of plants for a more secluded workspace.

MPK 20 is filled with large and small spaces to support the kind of big picture creative thinking needed, as well as the intense, focused coding work that all need to go on in the same building.  Its flexible, modular design allows that open, free-flowing transfer
of ideas, without encumbering the brain with unnecessary boxed-in architecture.  It’s modular and high ceilinged – communicating “the sky’s the limit” – with no design interference.
We love embracing creative spaces like this architectural gem, and translating its essence into a wearable look.  Below are some specially curated fashion pieces that we feel reflect the innovation and fun of MPK 20:





Dress artfully like Facebook's MPK building.

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